Confessions of a sleep deprived young adult…

Being a young adult is tough. I honestly don’t recommend it. But being sleep deprived in addition to that is miserable!!! This past week has been crazy busy, between work, friends visiting, and packing up my apartment, I’ve been up early most mornings and up late at night. The staying awake at night part isn’t really a big deal. I’ve always been a night person. Love it. I do not love it, however, when I have to be awake early! The worst, is when I have plans and end up having to bail on those to catch up with other things. It’s complete madness!!!
Okay. I’m over my mini rant.
On another note, I’m almost completely moved out of my apartment. Which is actually making me more emotional that I thought I’d be. I have another interview for a nanny position in Washington on Tuesday. Hopefully that goes well, but if not, it’s okay.  After some serious prayer and consideration, I’ve decided that I’m moving September 1st! I’m saving as much money while I’m down here, and looking at apartments and rooms for rent in Washington. As well as looking into full time nanny positions. So, there it is. My leaving the desert day is officially September 1st, and I’m excited!!! If I get one of the positions I’m interviewing for then it could be sooner, or even a few weeks later. But it’s all in


hands.  It could end up changing again, and I’m totally okay with that.

Alright, so I got a few questions sent to me on my last post(which I thought was totally cool) and I’m going to answer them as best I can. Please continue to send me questions, even the most random ones!! I can assure you though, I will not answer questions that creep me out. #Sorrynotsorry

‘Question time with Kelsey!’

Question 1 : ‘why do you think God is making you go to WA??’

Okay, so I’m honestly not sure. I suppose I’ll find out when I get up there? I trust the Lord with all my being. That being said, He has changed the direction of my life several times so far, and I have no doubt He will change it again. I look forward seeing what happens!!

Question 2: ‘have you ever had your heart broken?’

This one is tough, the reason it’s tough is that there are several types of heartbreak.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you’re talking about being dumped. In that case, I’m gonna have to say, no. I was hurt, yes, but not heartbroken. I think it’s probably because I haven’t met that ‘true love’ of my life. That’s not to say I didn’t care about my ex boyfriends, I just knew they weren’t ‘the one’ for me. And when I do meet that man, I hope he never breaks my heart…that would kind of suck! 😕

And finally,
Question 3:  ‘besides the whole drama that goes on at youth, do you love our church? Would you choose not to go still?’

This question has a backstory which I’ll try to make quick! There was a bad situation at church amongst a few youth leaders and myself.  Some hurtful comments were made against me, and I reached my limit of tolerance to this bullying. So, I decided to leave. This was back in December. I didn’t end up leaving, because after praying and being counseled by some awesome women of God, I realized that if I left that would let the bullies win!! And that is so freaking ridiculous and should never happen!!! I’ve continued to have drama with these people and have just prayed through it. I do love my church. I love my family there. I love my kids(youth group). And I will always love it. I think some of you feel like I’m ‘running away’ because you don’t know why I’m leaving, that is definitely not the case!! I have no issues with my church, or the people that attend. If I wasn’t moving, I’d definitely still be there! But I am moving, and will definitely come back and visit!!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got right now. Thank you for reading, thank you for the questions, I’m going to put an e-mail address below for y’all to send more questions!!!
Have a blessed day, love y’all!

Kelsey Hayden

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