Word to your mother

So this Saturday I planned a surprise birthday party for my guy. The entire time I kept wishing my mom was up here. She knows how I do things, and she knows I don’t let other people help me cook. But she’s amazing, and supportive, and let me call her and bounce ideas off of her. Which then reminded me of a favorite moment. 

My mom threw me a Sweet 16 party. She went all out, got a band, yummy food, freaking AMAZING cake! It was incredible. I had such a blast! But that wasn’t the best part. My favorite part of my 16th birthday was laying in my twin bed with my mom talking for a few hours about everything that happened. It didn’t cost anything. It probably cut into valuable sleeping time, but my mom didn’t care. She let me go on and on about how amazing everything was, and how I got 7 hugs from a guy I had a crush on, and how I was certain we were destined to be together (we weren’t). She listened to me say all the same things again and again just running on the adrenaline of an awesome night. She’s always been like that. I can’t tell you the amount of times I would go into her room at 10 pm, and walk out at 1 am. Was she exhausted? Absolutely!  Did she rush me to finish talking about whatever? Nope. 

I remember growing up and always having everything I needed. Most of the time I had things I wanted, too. But, I never went without. I also never went without my mom. She’s always put me before work. She is a single parent that I know worked her butt off, but I never had to wonder when she would be home from work to take care of me.  I don’t know how single mom’s do it. Y’all are freaking rockstars! 

I know some other people that grew up without a dad, and how they wished the had one. I’m sure there are moments I had wished for the same. But I feel like the were very few, and the result of me wanting to get out of doing things that my mom told me to get done. My mom always filled that spot. She was the caregiver, and the disciplinarian. She bought me dresses and tinker bell makeup, and signed me up for soccer and softball. She let me hate her and be a shit. And held me when I realized how lost and afraid I was. My mom has been through a lot in her life, and she’s always tried to make sure none of that ever hit me. She’s amazing, and fierce, and I wouldn’t be half the woman I am without her. I’m so unbelievably proud to be her daughter. I love you, momma! I hope you have an amazing day, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!!!!!!!